A consulting, marketing and
e-commerce development company

Tackling e-commerce in its widest scope

What can we help you with

E-shop set-up & growth

  • Analysis and platform selection
  • Design, development & growth
  • E-shop management take-over
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Commerce results

  • Performance marketing
  • CRM marketing & automation
  • Web and data analysis

Product & strategy

  • Commerce strategy
  • Product portfolio & pricing
  • Marketplaces & expansion

Processes & operation

  • E-shop process design
  • Data-managed company
  • Building internal competencies

Our work principles


Sharing the risk with you

Our compensation models reflect the results delivered. When you succeed, we succeed as well.


80/20 rule

We don’t seek perfection. Testing, immediately evaluating, and improving throughout.



We persistently follow our set milestones and we’re finding ways to overcome obstacles along the way.

How will we cooperate?

Standard cooperation

First, you will receive an offer which will act as a guideline for our processes. Fixed price and time with an exact result.

Performance cooperation

We will divide our cooperation into a fixed and performance part. We set the performance criteria together.

Partnership or joint venture

We invest our time and resources into your idea. In the form of partnership or joint ventures.

Our clients

Mask group

Merging e-commerce and retail

We manage the e-shop of the Czech retailer Bushman and we help the brand to expand to Europe.
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Using the most advanced technologies

Group 642
Group 1 (2)
Mask group-2

For this golf supplies seller, we’ve created the most extensive e-shop on the PrestaShop platform.
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image 16 (2)
Mask group-1

We’ve developed a customer care centre for a prominent TV operator and we currently design processes for digital commerce services.

image 34 (1)
Mask group (11)

We helped the Spielberg winery pave their way from the cellar to e-commerce.
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image 16 (2)
Mask group (13)

We prepared an e-shop for a luxury jewellery seller, which operates in 7 countries.
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image 16 (2)
Mask group (7)

We help the Sloneek startup in becoming a key player in the European HR arena.
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image 35 (1)
Mask group (5)

We designed and developed the first waste management and building materials supply e-shop in the Czech Republic.
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Group 643
Mask group (6)

Global e-shop with sticker configurator

We developed an unique configurator and we manage campaigns around Europe.
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Developed on platform

image 16 (2)
Group 641


Freedom, responsibility & shared values

The whole team works based on shared values. These values are what allows us to exist without communication layers and complicated hierarchies.

Learn about our culture

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Building our own startups

We establish separate and independently functioning subsidiaries for projects originating in our team.

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