How did we sell 36 000 postcards in a single month with our knowledge?


Proof of knowledge through creating our product is our project, which we have been working on for the fifth year now. The service enables parents to respond as Baby Jesus to the spoken and unspoken wishes of their children. In 2019, we expanded the project with a charitable dimension and donated CZK 100 000 to FOD (Fund for Children in Need).

Christmas 2020 was even better in this respect and we collected an amount exceeding half a million crowns from the Fund for Endangered Children.


76 000 postcards sent
600 000 CZK raised for Klokánek facilities
more than 20% conversion rate


The ultimate challenge was to leverage our experience in digital product design, process automation, and performance marketing for our own, stand-alone product.

How we proceeded



We developed a simple, one-page website where a parent chooses a postcard, fills in a message for their child, and enters the address where to send the postcard. Upon payment, the customer can optionally contribute to FOD, which operates the Klokánek facilities throughout the Czech Republic.

This website (simple at first glance) is a comprehensive solution that automatically prepares print data and sends it directly to the printer. Besides, the solution must be ready for the pre-Christmas peak, when customers order dozens of postcards in one minute.

In the autumn, we always put together a diverse team that helps make the most of the project’s marketing potential. This team consists of specialists in performance marketing, PR, and cooperation with influencers.


In 2019, we sent over 20 000 postcards and raised CZK 77 666 for the FOD (Fund for Children in Need) from 1 829 people. In addition to that, we rounded the amount to CZK 100 000 with our contribution. In addition to a great result and help for Klokánek facilities, we also opened new fundraising ways for FOD.

Partner says

"Thank you to everyone who contributed to help. And we thank integritty for opening our eyes about how we can do fundraising in the digital world."

Hanka Kupková President of FOD (Fund for Children in Need)

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