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Start or advance your career in e-commerce with Integritty. Established and start-up e-shops, predatory start-ups and an internal lab in the form of your own projects await you. No unnecessary structures, freedom in decision-making and fine-tuned teamwork.

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Start a career in marketing

Find out more about the main areas we address in marketing. You can specialise in one of them, or work in multiple areas at the same time.

Whichever direction you take, we’ll give you the foundation every marketer needs. You’ll learn to think about product, price and overall promotion. We’ll equip you with the knowledge to turn your ideas into a campaign pages or to set up and evaluate the entire campaign yourself.

You've got clients waiting for you, and you're gonna have a blast:

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Main areas of marketing in integritty


PPC advertising

  • Design and consultation of strategy of individual advertising accounts
  • Setting up search, display and product campaigns in advertising systems
  • Regular evaluation and optimization, reporting to clients and automation of routine tasks

Social ads

  • Campaign planning in an overall view and designing appropriate actions
  • Preparation of texts of advertisements and creatives(independently or in cooperation with a graphic designer)
  • Setting up campaigns, optimizing targeting, budgets, evaluation during the progress


  • Design and preparation of campaigns with the client, whether targeted newsletters or automated emails
  • Preparation of texts, graphics for newsletters and templates (in cooperation with a graphic designer)
  • Working with mailing database, evaluating success and suggesting improvements


  • Idea making: creative inventing of campaigns
  • Graphics: banners, newsletters and landing pages for campaigns
  • Texts: campaigns, product details and landing pages
I came to integritty when I was in school as a beginner with no experience in marketing. I have tried all areas of the e-commerce world. From the technical setup of e-commerce product feeds, to copywriting and campaign graphics, to the UX of entire websites. Eventually I landed on social ads and emailing.

David Krouský, marketing specialist

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Patrik Postelt, CEO

Get the insight of a marketer and developer

Whether you go into marketing or development, you’ll always get a little of the latter in Integrity. For clients, we address e-commerce in its entirety, meaning that the marketer needs to know the context of development, what is realistic and effective to develop. Conversely, the developer must know that a solution is not successful when we deploy it into production, but only when it meets the stated goals.

The ultimate skill is to keep yourself fit in the triangle of marketing – IT – business, this will give you an incredible edge and insight in whichever area your primary competency is. At Integrity we’ll help you get it.

Main areas of development in integritty


Back-end development

  • Development of application logic and functions in PHP and Symfony or Laravel frameworks
  • Working with SQL databases and using advanced technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and Composer
  • Mutual code reviews between colleagues, collaboration with tester and project manager

Front-end development

  • Development of the user interface and its features on the modern frameworks Next.js and Vue
  • Connecting our back-end and external services via various APIs
  • Collaboration with designers, analysts and project managers


  • Creating the visual side of our applications based on input from the designer using SCSS and Vanilla JS
  • Preparation of animations, effects according to the assignment and your own initiative
  • Collaboration with designers, but also with the entire development team

QA / testing

  • Visual testing: whether our output matches the client's graphics and specifications
  • Functional testing: whether our solution does what it is supposed to do
  • Reporting bugs and working with specific developers to fix them
I decided to give development a try because I found it an interesting path. Although I had no previous experience with coding, integritty gave me the space to educate and develop myself. After that, there was nothing stopping me from quitting my old job and pursuing programming full-time.

Štěpán Hubáček, front-end developer


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Martin Kučera, team leader

More reasons to join integritty

Relaxed environment in a villa in Hanspaulka with its own garden, sauna and lots of events
Regular trips and an annual getaways to warm lands (most recently to Palermo)
Shared breakfasts, sports facilities and events, multisport card to that
Finances that match your experience and grow in proportion to your progress

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