We develop websites and e-shops on WordPress

Bet on the most widely used system for websites and e-shops in the world.

  • Easy site management - just like in Word
  • Design and function exactly to your liking
  • Perfect SEO and high site speed
  • WooCommerce: web and e-shop in one
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We create advanced websites and e-shops on WordPress

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WordPress is used by almost 40% of all websites in the world for content management. It is the free solution of development which involves thousands of developers. WordPress allows you to create extensive presentation and content websites with multiple languages, while maintaining simple content management. Thanks to WooCommerce WordPress can be extended with e-shop features.

Why do websites around the world rely on WordPress?


Simple site management

  • You create individual pages directly as they should look in the final form
  • Different levels of user permissions and publication approval
  • Intuitive language management and automatic translations

Design and expandability

  • Web design exactly to your liking
  • Thousands of proven modules for extending site features
  • Possibility to develop functions such as order forms or customer portals

E-commerce features

  • WooCommerce module for extending your website with e-commerce features
  • Convenient product and order management, special features such as product subscriptions
  • Connection to billing, accounting and warehouse systems

Worry-free operation

  • With us you don't have to worry about servers and IT issues
  • Regular feature and security updates
  • All the data is in your own hands

Free consultation

Find out if WordPress is the right solution for your website.


Patrik Postelt, partner

Websites on WordPress by integritty

Czech platform for HR professionals

  • Sophisticated component system
  • A range of interactive elements
  • 4 languages with automatic translations
  • Connection to Hubspot CRM
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Official tourist portal

  • Hundreds of destinations and articles
  • Thoughtful linking of content
  • Blog and calendar of events
  • 3 language versions
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IT consulting company

  • Presentation of services
  • Focus on interactions
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News portal

  • Focus on SEO and speed
  • Portals for city districts
  • Editorial approval system
  • Internal advertising system
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Find out if WordPress is the right solution for your website

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Why want WordPress by integritty?

We understand websites and e-shops. We will map your requirements and discuss, whether WordPress is the most suitable solution. Together we will set development priorities so that the website launch is quick and its development is cost-effective.

  • Use the experience from dozens of realized websites and e-shops.
  • We have experience from websites and e-shops for leading brands, such a Bushman, Telly or MamaLabels.
  • Get down to business. We'll take care of the website.
  • We deal with e-commerce in its entirety and we can also advise you in other areas.
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Not sure? We can help you choose a platform

We have experience in developing websites and e-shops on WordPress and many other platforms. This allows us to independently assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution for your website, taking into account your budget and future plans.

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